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Music of life 
Compositions about the Beauty and love we express with the Song of Creation:

Align with yourself and your own embodiment of Being to share your essence in relationship with Mother Nature through your source connection. Return home to yourself.  Listening to this selection of compositions here on this website you may experience a journey of uplifting therapeutic frequencies, of healing music and sound clearing away any influences that impose on our daily lives.

I compose music soundscapes for website, music & film projects; 

I offer in person Sound Journeys  and online sessions using live zoom set up.

I have also worked closely with cultural and environmental projects  

Music Video for Humanity:

Our Presence is the Power:

Nature's Pathway mp3 (We Live In A New Time)

Return to Nature mp3 (Nothing To Wash Away)

Purity of Crystalline Waters mp3  (April 2021 Supermoon group)

Golden Consciousness mp3 (Oct 2020 Supermoon group)

Nature's Freedom Dance mp3 (We are the guardians of the future) 

All Life is Sacred mp3 (Future Rewrite)

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Here are my film collaborations for Oracle Girl: 

Image by frank mckenna

                     "Dancing in the fire mp3" for "You are the voice of the future" 

   "Nature's pathway mp3" for "We live in a new time"

    "Return to Nature mp3" for "Nothing to wash away"

Work with me
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Sound Journeys

My frequencies relax and transform you. Book now for your unique experience.

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What I Offer

I welcome video or film makers to collaborate with me the visuals to my music.  I offer sound healing sessions for everyone and you can also hire me to compose a piece of music.

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I accept commissions for websites, music & film projects, also commercials & jingles.

What people say

Jessica’s music encapsulates so much. She has such an amazing ear for sound and can easily translate sound from all sources in a unique and spellbinding way. She truly holds a pureness and appreciation for the silence from which all sounds emanates! She is a naturally sensitive composer and musician. The first time I met Jes I remember we took a walk in nature and she mimicked the birds, the grass the trees and the clouds with her voice. So much joy and delight in her connection and interpretation! 

When I listen to her compositions her soundscapes elevate my senses and I feel so much more connection to the earth and her true nature and all the stars above us. Her music is deeply relaxing and comforting. I have many visions and find myself travelling deep within and losing myself as I am carried with the sounds in a delicate and pleasing way. Her music is full of uniqueness and surprises. She has a rare and precious gift of creating music and healing sounds that are totally original and crafted so lovingly. This is her heart felt gift to the world and through her music the world becomes a better place as we align to the beauty and truth within it.

Sara Bailey

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