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Image by Tyler van der Hoeven

Lunar Eclipse in Libra 25/3/24:

During Sun Being Retreat:

(= Live zoom group session recording)

Singing Voice, Crystal Bowls, Chalices & Gongs.  (45 mins)

A powerful deep session for cleansing with the Eclipse energy.  Group Focus at the start of the journey setting intention statements:

"I celebrate myself, my body and my life by taking care of myself making space for healing and growth in this session."

"In letting go of the past I flow effortlessly through a generous universe and I illuminate the world with song and presence as I now welcome limitless opportunities and possibilities to flow into my new reality."


  • Best listened to with headphones

  • Lying down or sitting comfortably 

  • Do not listen to whilst driving

  • Particularly recommended at night before sleep

  • Offer up your healing needs before listening

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