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Natures Musical Artworks

By Jessica Boles

We are the DreamersJessica Boles
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This collection of Earth Song Artworks is inspired by Mother Nature in connection with the Stars.  Each hanging is a healing Portal connecting with Mother Nature created in deep meditation and brings the highest vibrational resonance of ‘Pure Love’ in relationship to all Beings in this world and their Cosmic connection. I created these with my own various compositions of high frequency musical improvisations I did, playing in the background at the time, with the focus of pure intention as a conduit to bring through the high frequencies of Natures Song and Stillness.  Each artwork potentially influencing your space as a higher vibrational sanctuary of colour and song, individually or as a whole collection, inspired from ‘Natures Song and Dance of Creation’ copywrite 2004.
All the materials used come from the fabric of nature such as: feathers, crystals, shells, gold, silk and watercolour paints.


  1. Song of Creation
  2. Whale Song Star Seeding
  3. Birthing Transformation
  4. Guardians of Violet Flame
  5. Dolphin Gateway
  6. Web within a Web of Dreams
  7. Red Sun Goddess
  8. Golden Angel
  9. Rainbow Chalice of Compassion
  10. Twin Flame
  11. Purity Shield
  12. Gathering of the Tribes
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