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Death & Loss Sound Journey

During October 2021 Silent Immersion Retreat

60 minutes

Drum, Singing Voice, Crystal Bowls, Chalices & Gongs.

A real session I did for a family who have lost a loved one. I feel to share it for everyone out there because it is a powerful session and it specifically helps the one crossing over through their transition, animal or person etc., and assists those left behind with healing and to let go and comforts lifting grief and pain and suffering.


This sound session can be used in any situation of grief, loss and suffering, including facing your own emotional and physical pain coming up.  I recommend to replay it as much as you feel it can help you.  Transformational experience.


  • Best listened to with headphones

  • Lying down or sitting comfortably 

  • Do not listen to whilst driving

  • Particularly recommended at night before sleep

  • Offer up your healing needs before listening

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