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Curriculum Vitae





2022-2024. Collaborations in Mexico and Scotland.


2021. Commissioned to work with cinematographer Mario Cardona Lang

2019-2021. Music & film compositions for Oracle Girl global events

2019. Invited by Dr Sam Osmanagic to give Sound Journeys at the Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia

2013-2019. Singing and piano performances & Sound Journeys in Glastonbury & Cornwall, UK

2013. Appeared at the Glastonbury Festival, UK

2011. Singing & piano with Tim Wheater

2006. Singing & piano performances at the Amritapuram Ashram of Mata Amritanandamayi in Kerala, S India

2005-2004. Piano performances at Kalani Permeaculture & Yoga Retreat Centre, Big Island Hawaii and in Byron Bay, Australia


2000. First Soprano at The Royal Albert Hall for Elizabeth Taylor's Damehood celebration with Michael Jackson

2000. Public concerts in Leuven & Brugge, Belgium


1998. Original piano score for Short Animation Film collaboration filmed at the Edinburgh Festival

  • Won Certificate of Merit: Chicago International Film Festival, 1998

  • Won Best British Animation: Projections D’Argile Film Festival, France 2002 

  • Played at 23 Film Festivals around the world. See website:

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