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My heartfelt wish is to enhance your experience of living in the present in the now, bringing you back to Nature and to hear and express your own voice and feel your vibrational presence through sound and silence and beautiful healing music.


As a Composer I am self taught. The Piano has always been my main instrument. I also offer a purity of sound through my singing voice with other instruments such as the Harp, Tambura Chord, Large Gong, Crystal Bowls, Burmese Chimes and resonant Chalices and the Piano, Flutes and Drum.

Through the beauty and magnificence of Mother Nature’s Kingdom, we return to the source of our own being, reset, heal, cleanse and remember ourselves. 

I am also inspired by the purification space offered by Oracle Girl and have also been commissioned to compose several pieces for her events.

Returning to live in the UK, I will be instigating a new project performing my music live with other musicians for 2023 and this will also include a larger community project online and in person gatherings, about our connection as a collective movement of people sounding our song with the gold frequency and music we embody as we walk and travel to different locations on the earth.  How we share and connect this collaboration in our humanity through the arts, theatre, sound and music and strengthening our relationship with ourselves and Nature, where we can express our inspirations.  If this interests you please contact me. I also welcome any donations of financial support via the donate button on my website. Thank you.

Read my CV here


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