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We Are The Guardians of the Future

Supermoon group April 2020

Nature's Freedom Dance mp3

33 mins

Piano & keyboards


I composed this piece directly from the happiness of Nature having a rest from the pollution of daily life, composed during the lockdown in April 2020.

Earth is our foundation of love, and love is the only energy that sustains life. Mother Nature is where we unite in the heart and true health and happiness issues out of loving Nature as our way of life. 

Return to the way of Mother Nature

Connect deeply with your true nature

Live a new way as the song of the Earth

Be well again and create new projects in tune with the Earth.


  • Best listened to with headphones

  • Lying down or sitting comfortably 

  • Do not listen to whilst driving

  • Particularly recommended at night before sleep

  • Offer up your healing needs before listening

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