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Music for & from the planet. 
A gift for humanity.

Align yourself with Mother Nature through your source connection. Return home to yourself, this beautiful planet and what you came here to do while listening to this selection of Nature's musical.

I compose soundscapes for website, music & film projects; offer in person Sound Journeys for large groups and individuals, and online sessions.

My albums are by minimum donation.


I also work closely with cultural and environmental projects and particularly like to compose for children and young adults.


Latest Music Video: Our Presence is the Power

Nature's Pathway mp3 (We Live In A New Time)

Return to Nature mp3 (Nothing To Wash Away)

Purity of Crystalline Waters mp3  (April 2021 Supermoon group)

Golden Consciousness mp3 (Oct 2020 Supermoon group)

Nature's Freedom Dance mp3 (We are the guardians of the future) 

All Life is Sacred mp3 (Future Rewrite)

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Latest Oracle Girl film compositions

"Dancing in the fire mp3" sound design for "You are the voice of the future"

"Nature's pathway mp3" for "We live in a new time"

"Return to Nature mp3" for "Nothing to wash away"

Work with me
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Sound Journeys

My frequencies relax and transform you. Book now for your unique experience.

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What I Offer

I offer online and in person sound healing sessions and you can also hire me to compose a piece of music or to perform a group Sound Bath.

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I accept commissions for websites, music & film projects, also commercials & jingles.

What people say
"Jess is an exceptionally gifted musician and sound healer with an ability to channel the highest purest frequencies through sound. I have experienced her sound healing sessions as the deepest sound sessions I have ever had. The purity and frequencies of sound combined with the range of instruments and sounds made it a multidimensional journey into my being, I could feel things moving in me on many different levels. Afterwards I felt rearranged and deeply nourished. Would highly recommend a session to anyone who would like to go deeper into their being and heal on a deep level."

Jabeen Jafferji